Mathias Dehne

PhD student
Mathias Dehne
wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
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Room 305a
Am Planetarium 4
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    Mathias Dehne joined the Chair for Research on Teaching and Learning in 2019 as a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant. He is particularly involved in the project “Learning to Teach-Lab: Science” (LTL:S). Mathias studied Educational Science, German as a Foreign and Second Language (B.A.), and Education – Culture – Anthropology (M.A.). He previously worked for several years as a student research assistant at different program groups in Educational Sciences and Philosophy of Education at Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

    His research focuses on the antecedents and outcomes of (preservice) teachers’ psychological characteristics. In doing so, he adopts affective and motivational perspectives on dyadic principal–teacher relationships, basic psychological needs, and well–being.

    As a junior researcher, he is a member of international research associations (JURE, SIG 8 – Motivation and Emotion, SIG 11 – Teaching and Teacher Education) and plays an active role in shaping them. For example, he was a member of the International Organizing Committee of the JURE 2022 Conference in Porto (Portugal) and currently participates in the recently founded JURE reproducibiliTEA Journal Club.

    As part of the research for his dissertation, he spent a two-month research stay at the Universteit van Amsterdam under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Helma Koomen and Dr. Marjolein Zee.

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  • Research Interests
    • (Prospective) teachers’ psychological characteristics
    • Motivation, basic psychological needs, and well-being of teachers
    • Quantitative Psychology, esp. structural equation models in cross-sectional and longitudinal study designs
    • Affective principal–teacher relationships at the dyad level
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